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“For 1 Million Bamboo of Vietnam” - A Campaign by Thanh Âm Xanh, Việt Nam

The idea of the project is: if each of us donates 50,000 VND – the  average cost to plant a bamboo tree, then with just 1 million supporters, 1 million bamboo trees will be planted, generating millions of tons of Oxygen along with millions of tons of carbon to be absorbed and consumed annually.

Thanh Âm Xanh

A project using music to solve the environmental problems 

Thanh Âm Xanh (meaning: The Green Melody), one of the projects hosted by KACE Fund, with a mission of using music, performing arts and education to solve environmental dilemmas such as climate change. The campaign "For 1 Million Vietnamese Bamboo Trees" is the first campaign launched by the project, to raise funds from the community to plant Bamboo forests throughout Vietnam to fight against Climate Change, minimizing its negative impacts as well as generating a sustainable green ecosystem.


The problems that Vietnamese people are facing is that Vietnam is one of six countries in the world that are heavily affected by climate change. Deforestation, rampant logging and rapid urbanization are losing forests. The ecological imbalance causes direct impacts on the environment, climate, unforeseen natural disasters leading to damage to the environment, life, economy and society.


The question is how will this campaign solve the problem(s)? 


Bamboo - the best solution for a greener future

Solution of afforestation is a fundamental principle to mitigate the impacts of Climate Change. And among thousands of species of green trees, Bamboo is the "No. 1 candidate" with fast and effective growth. Bamboo forests have enormous positive benefits for the environment as this incredibly productive plant efficiently stores carbon. Bamboo absorbs carbon 1.5 times, and produces 3.5 times more oxygen than ordinary trees. Bamboo has a great impact on improving soil, water, and reducing air pollution and depletion systems. In addition, Bamboo resists erosion, landslides, and prevents the influence of wind, storms, and floods.


The project focuses on activities such as re-greening of barren hills WITH BAMBOO FORESTS. The project uses art, culture, and education chapters to connect and spread to the community about pressing environmental issues, offering practical and sustainable solutions. At the same time, the project also calls for social funds and promotes socialization to replicate the model of bamboo forests in the Green future.



The bamboo dreams in reality  


It is not a dream anymore. The project has successfully planted the first bamboo forest in Yen Bai Province, Vietnam. And with the continuous efforts of the team, the project had achieved these results in 2021.


FIRST Bamboo Forest

In 2021, Mu Cang Chai and Yen Bai are the site of the project to plant and deploy the first bamboo forest model. With a land fund of 16.81 ha planned by the locality and 100% committed to the benefit of the community.


8,800 BAMBOO (Stage 1)

The project has successfully raised crowdfunding to plant 8,800 bamboo trees on a land fund of 16.8 hectares in Mu Cang Chai.



Through the program “Thanh Âm Núi Rừng” The Sound of Mountains and Forests", the project promotes the goal of connecting, spreading the message to raise awareness in the community, and deploying the bamboo forest model in the locality, and developing and replicating the model. to many other provinces and cities.



Create a space for businesses pioneering in environmental protection. Here, businesses will join together to develop, commit to act for social responsibility to create a community of sustainable development in the green Vietnam revolution movement.



Building economic solutions, creating income from Bamboo to support people in economic development. Commitment to sustainable cooperation is the way for Bamboo to spread and green the bare land and bare hills as expected by the project.


“Where there is a will, there is a way”. Thanh Âm Xanh believes that with the small efforts of many people, we will create a big spread. On this journey, we deeply appreciate the support and help from our partners. 

To read more about the project, you can visit the website: or our Facebook Fanpage

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