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A French reporter investigates the classical music scene in Vietnam and gets enrolled in an epic journey.

Once upon a bridge in Vietnam is the adventure of a young French music reporter who discovers Vietnam - the country of his grandmother through classical music.

His journey is shaken up by musical projects that take him beyond the cities, closer to Vietnamese culture and the brutal beauty of the country.

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 Classical music in Vietnam 

"The Vietnamese society favorites community. The Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra may have that as a strength."


Phan Đỗ Phúc


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 The Vietnamese anthem 

"We are always attached to the mission of Vietnamese music to accompany the Nation."


Trần Lệ Chiến

Music Association Editor

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 Old brass factory 

"This is a French trumpet made in 1812. It is a model, I want to make mine like it but with a better sound."


Nguyễn Văn Cương


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 Traditional music 

Vietnam as you've never seen it.

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 The hope choir 

A eulogy to Vietnam in music.

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 The green sound adventure 

"We have come together with the desire to spread music more widely to convey messages about the environment."


Nguyễn Diệu Linh

Green Sound Director

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 Long Biên Bridge, Hanoi 

Original soundtrack from Vietnam

Honna Tetsuji

Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra Music Director

Phan Thuỷ

Thanh Âm Xanh Music Director

Tôn Thất Triêm

Hope Choir Music Director

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